Top 5 Reasons for Servicing Your Garage Door Opener

With summers approaching, everyone seems to be on a cleaning spree. Strolling  around, you will come across homeowners busy cleaning , painting, gardening and renovating their homes. During this time of the year, its bright and sunny making it the most suitable time to indulge in cleaning and servicing your Garage Door Openers apart from other DIY cleaning projects on your list. Here are the top 5 reasons why servicing your garage door opener is important:

  1. “Yoga is free, medication is not” : Regular servicing of any machine increases its life span and prevents unexpected failures and the same applies for Garage Door Openers as well. Do a preventive health check for your Garage Door Opener  at least twice a year. Find out if required parts are well lubricated, bolts are tight, sensors and all parts are intact & are working fine. It would help in saving money and time by avoiding last minute/emergency service calls.
  1. Safety — a small investment for a rich future: Ignore nothing when it comes to safety as Ignorance lead to last-minute ditches. A preventive health check leads to an efficiently working machine and saves you from emergency situations . with regular servicing, your Garage Door Opener will work every time you want it to.
  1. That’s one thing I hate! All the noise, noise, noise, noise! : Broken hinges, faulty rollers or lack of lubrication,  anything could be leading to noise.  Noise is just a warning to convey that it’s time to fix your Garage Door Opener. Listen and observe the functioning and fix accordingly. Reach out to customer service team if you are unable to diagnose the issue.
  1. With great power comes great electricity bill: All the parts of a serviced Garage Door Opener will function together smoothly without causing friction or causing damage to each other. Hence it will help you to save on electricity bills as parts would not be putting unnecessary strain on each other.
  1. Is it time to upgrade your Garage Door Opener ?: Are you stuck with an Old Garage Door Openers ? Does it lack updated features? While analyzing the condition of your Garage Door Opener, find out if it is the right time to upgrade your Garage Door Opener or add new accessories . Check the  latest security features and reviews that will help you to choose the best and most secure Garage Door Openers
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