Steps for Servicing a Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Openers not just add convenience to our lives but also add to Home security and safety. They are used almost every day, making it important for us to perform preventive checks and servicing them. Here are the Top 5 Reasons for Servicing Your Garage Door Opener.

Performing a health check once a month is ideal. Below are the quick Steps for Servicing Garage Door Openers.

  • The Visual Check- Inspect to make sure that everything is in place and if it’s clean and intact. While operating the Garage Door Openers, observe if it’s operating without making noise, look at the bolts and nuts and check if anything is missing or has visible cracks.
  • Inspect and Lubricate/Oil the Door Roller, Bearing and Hinges and make sure everything is tight. Clean the tracks but Do NOT use lubricants for tracks.
  • Check the Door Balance by operating Manually: Whether your Garage Door is a Sectional Door or One-Piece Jamb Door, check the door balance by these two Tests:

Test 1: Release the Trolley and slowly open the door all the way and close it all the way. The Door should not bind or rub.

Test 2: Raise the door halfway up and similarly at different heights. The door should stay in place, supported entirely by its spring.

If either of these tests fail, it means that the Garage Door needs adjustment or repair and it’s time to consult a professional.

  • Re-engage the Trolley and check if the door opens and closes fully. If it doesn’t, adjust Travel Limits and / or Force if required.
  • Safety Reversal System Test: Once the Door is fully open, place a 5 cm board on the floor, centered under the Garage Door. Now close the door using a remote/ wall console. After making the contact with the board, the door should STOP and then REVERSE to fully open. If the door fails to reverse follow these two steps:

Step 1: If the door stops on the obstruction, re-adjust the down travel limit as it is not travelling far enough in the down direction.

Step 2: Repeat the test until the door reverses upon striking the obstruction.

  • Safety Beam Sensors Test: Once the Door is fully open, place an obstacle (eg. a Cardboard) on the floor and press the button to close the door. The door should not move more than 2.5 cm and the Garage Door Opener Light will flash. But if does not happen, ensure that the safety beam sensors are aligned properly and also make sure that the obstacle is breaking the beam by checking the receiving sensor’s blue LED off. Call your technical support team if it fails.
  • Check and Adjust Belt or Chain Tension: Sometimes Garage Door Openers have saggy chain or belt but you can fix it yourself. Open the door about mid way, disengage it and manually close the door. Tighten the belt/chain at the mid-point, approximately ½” (13 mm) above the base of the T-Rail. DO NOT over-tighten the belt/ chain.
  • Check if the chain/ belt is able to travel freely. There shouldn’t be any hindrance or obstructions like storage items, wires etc. on its way.

Caution- Throughout the servicing steps, be careful and cautious as the door might slip specially while being operated manually. Contact Customer Support Team for additional info and a technician if you are facing difficulties in any of the steps.

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