Garage Door Break-In Prevention

Do you know that the most common place where the garage door remotes are kept is quite a risky spot? Think about it again…

The most easy-to-guess place where people keep their garage door remotes is in their cars, clipped on the sun visor or right in front, at the most easily accessible place. You too might be doing it the same way; hence you need to rethink if it is the best place for a remote which gives an access to your house.

As per the reports, many incidents have been encountered where thieves broke into the cars and stole garage door remotes. In a typical scenario, car owners are allayed considering that not much is stolen from the car and a remote does not cost much. They stay cautious for a couple of days and then forget about it. But thieves wait to strike back at this right opportunity to break-in to the house.

In other similar scenario, a family was out for shopping; thieves broke-in to the car & stole the garage door remote. They also got a hold of the address from the gloves box where we keep important documents. And while the family was shopping, thieves broke into the house.

These are unfortunate situations but can be dodged. Let’s see what should be done to eradicate any misuse of the remotes.

Once you have realized that the Garage Door Opener remote is stolen, system needs to forget the remote as soon as possible. Doing that, the system would stop recognizing the remote and hence it becomes useless. You might have to reach out to your service provider or speak to specialized professionals who can erase the memory on the system or if you are using Skylink Home products, it would just take a couple of minutes to reset it yourself.

If you are using ATOMS Garage Door Opener by skylink, you do not have to worry about your home security and there are strong reasons for this.

The Skylink Garage Door Opener remotes are compact and aesthetic. It is convenient to add them in key chain along with the car keys. Hence there is no need to keep the Garage Door Opener remote in your car, in the first place. Secondly, you can easily set up a passcode in the remote. A passcode enhances the security & authentication levels. Therefore, just stealing the remote would not give anyone an access to your garage. And just in case the remote is stolen and you were not using a passcode with it, it is very easy to erase a device from the systems memory. Pressing “Erase” button will erase all the devices and then use “Learn” button connect the system to existing remotes and keypads. It’s just that simple!

Skylink products are perfect for DIY. It’s easy to set up new devices and sensors, secures your house perfectly and by using SkylinkNet App ,you have all the control at the palm of your hand! Checkout the Garage Door Openers and other products here.

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