The most secure Garage Door Openers in Market

Garage Door is one of the primary layers of home security hence it is crucial to understand what the loopholes are, as burglars take advantage of it.  Here are some interesting facts about garage break-ins:


  • Burglars observe home owners schedule before attempting theft and most likely the thief might be from your neighborhood.
  • An emergency release lever has a cord hanging down to be pulled in case of emergency. Thieves use coat hangers to pull this cord from outside and quickly enter the house without being noticed.
  • Incidents are reported when thieves break-in to cars, steal garage door remotes and house address information from the documents and then steal at their convenience. Do read our article to know more on this.
  • The average break-in costs around $2500.
  • Counting on your pets is not a great idea as it does not significantly reduces the chances of theft.
  • As per the statistics, around 20% of theft crimes are committed while someone was home.
  • According to statistics provided by metropolitan police departments, approximately 50% of all residential burglaries occur because the garage door is left open or is outdated and no longer secure


Isn’t that interesting? But if you search about “how to prevent garage break” or “garage security tips”, you will get to read even more interesting suggestions. Actually a lot of them are unsafe and here are some most common suggestions and why you should not go for it:


  • Disabling the emergency release liver: In order to make sure that thieves are not able to pull the safety cord from outside, people suggest about disabling the emergency release liver by using a zip tie or removing the safety cord. It is called an “Emergency” release liver for a reason. Each second counts when it comes to fighting a disastrous situation. Hence, DO NOT opt for this method ever. According to the Federal Code and UL 325, adding a zip tie to your garage door operator is a violation, and so is removing the emergency release device.


  • Do not leave you garage door open: Funny, isn’t it? Who would leave a garage door open, it only happens when someone forgets it.


  • “Come on, come on, turn the radio on”: You read it right. Yes, another popular and naïve suggestion is to leave your radio on while you are away from home and let the music play.


  • Keep the Garage door remote at home, keep window frosted, let your neighbors know when you are away, get a large breed dog etc are some other suggestions.


None of the above suggestions are quite effective and we suggest you not to rely on these. Below are some advanced security features which are full proof:

  • Invest in a Garage Door Opener with advanced security features. Skylink Group’s latest ATOMS and ATOMS PRO use a tamper-proof trolley. It is a patent pending revolutionary design that has two components, a blocking plate that does not allow potential intruders to disengage the emergency release latch, and a protector shield to prevent the release handle from being pulled on from outside the door. Hence you will safeguard your home without violating safety measures.
  • Garage Door Openers that can be monitored and operated through an app gives a peace of mind. You would not have to worry about whether you forgot to close the door, just check it on your app on-the-go and close it if you forgot. Through an app, you will get a notification of all the activity logs.
  • Invest in motion sensors and digital cameras. Have your personal guards protest your home and let them report it every time you see anything that you should know. If motion sensors sense any suspicious activity, you will be notified by your SkylinkNet App. Read more about effective placements of motion sensors.
  • Buy Skylink Keypad remotes for advanced security. Hence even if the remote gets stolen, it cannot be operated without a pass code.
  • The Skylink Garage Door remotes are compact you can add them in key chain along with the car keys. In case it is lost, just follow some easy steps to erase the memory and buy a new garage door remote.
  • Use ‘Arm Away” settings at night and SkylinkNet App will be your angel guard while you are sleeping.


Skylink Smart Home Security and Garage Door Openers are loaded with advanced features and all this comes without any monthly fee or contract. Visit to know more.

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