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contact vietnam, contact vietnam, contact vietnam. Skylink Home Security Automation System – Garage Door Opener and Accessories – Wireless Security / Alert System – Emergency Dialers – Swing Door Opener. Skylink Group maintains an exceptionally strong commitment to understand the needs and wants of not only homeowners but business owners as well. We strive to identify their needs and offer the best quality and affordable products to improve people’s lives. We have taken our commitment and passion for innovation and applied wireless technology to almost all our products to develop convenient and DIY products. While many of our products are designed for home and business applications, you will also find products that are designed for professional applications. It is still more than this. We aim for excellence in every aspect we have to offer from the products, to business relations, right down to Customer Service. In everything we do, we truly strive to not only meet, but exceed our customer’s expectations in all ways possible. Skylink Manufacturing facility is located in Vietnam, about 50 miles from Hong Kong. This facility has a production area of approximately 100,000 square feet including fully automated manufacturing facilities such as Surface Mount Machines, Automatic Wafer Chip Bonding, Reflow Oven, IQC QC and QA, Environmental Testing Facility, etc. Skylink’s Canadian office is located in Brampton, Ontario. This location consists of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service departments, Logistic Control and the Canadian distribution center. Skylink US Office is located in Ontario, California. This location is strictly a distribution center for the US and South America.

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