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SkylinkNet Hub Installation and Programming

SkylinkNet Hub Installation and Programming
SkylinkNet Hub Installation and Programming
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Atoms Garage Door Opener Installation

Atoms Chain Installation
Atoms Chain Garage Door Opener Installation
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Atoms Belt Installation
Atoms Belt Garage Door Opener Installation
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Atoms+ Chain Installation
Atoms+ Chain Garage Door Opener Installation
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Atoms+ Belt Installation
Atoms+ Belt Garage Door Opener Installation
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Skylink Keyless Entry Model KN-318

Changing Passcode
Changing Passcode
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Reset Pin
Reset Pin
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Videos Door Operation
Single Door Operation & Multiple Doors Operation
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    Q: After registering my account, I have not received the account activation email, where could it be?

    A: You should receive your an account activation email with subject “Account Activation” right after registering your email on the SkylinkNet App. If you do not see the account activation email in your Inbox, please check the Junk mail folder. You need to click onto the activation link in order to activate your account.

    Q: I have entered my login email and password correctly on the login screen, but it keeps saying “Error! Access Denied!”.

    A: Please ensure you have entered the correct login email, and depends on the smartphone you have, some devices having input methods that would enter a space automatically after the email address, which is not acceptable for our system. So please ensure after entering the email address, such as 123@gmail.com, there is no space following @gmail.com.

    Q: Can I use my computer to login to my Internet Hub?

    A: No, SkylinkNet is only compatible with Android and iOS device, smartphones or tablets.

    Q: After plugging the Internet Hub to the router and adapter, the network LED does not turn to green.

    A: Please ensure the power is plugged in, and the network cable is plugged in to the router with internet connection. Ensure the port on the router works, you may try a different port on the router if the network LED on the Internet Hub remains red or orange.

    Internet Hub

    Q: How many devices can I connect to the Internet Hub?

    A: You can program up to 100 devices to the Internet Hub, plus up to 10 cameras.

    Q: Will the Internet Hub memorize all the sensor activations?

    A: Yes, the Internet Hub will memorize the time and date of the most recent 100 incidents such as sensor activations, arming / disarming with username, and system panic.

    Q: Does SkylinkNet work with other smarthome devices on the market with other protocols, such as Z-wave, Zigbee, X-10?

    A: No, SkylinkNet is not compatible with other technologies on the market. However, our product lines include many sensors, controllers, and garage door openers.

    Q: What happen when there is power outage, will the SkylinkNet stop working?

    A: During power outage, SkylinkNet will continue to operate powered by backup batteries (4 x AA Alkaline) and it will serve as a local alarm, i.e. siren will sound when it detects intrusion. However, the system will not be connected to the internet most likely due to the modem / router would not work during power failure. We offer Emergency Phone Dialer as a backup which can call you in case of a panic situation, so you can still be notified.

    Q: Can I take the system with me when I move?

    A: Absolutely. The whole system is wireless, so there is no wiring involved. You can easily remove the sensors or Internet Hub when you move.

    Q: Can me and my wife both connected to the same Internet Hub and both be notified when incidents occur?

    A: Yes, you can have up to 6 different users registered to one hub and they all will be notified at once if any incidents occur.

    Q: Where is the siren?

    A: The Internet Hub has a built-in siren. If you want to get an external siren, we do offer a solar powered external siren and flasher that does not require any wiring, ideal for mounting outdoor so it is visible from the outside of your house.

    Q: Does the system offer different arming modes such as night mode, away mode etc?

    A: Yes, the system offers Arm Home and Arm Away. Arm Home is suitable for arming the system at night, which will ignore the motion sensor activation or any designated sensors that are programmed to be ignored in Home mode.

    Q: Besides getting the push notification, how will the system notify me of any incidents when I’m at home?

    A: You may program have chime alert for any sensors you want, for instance, if the garage door sensor is activated, emit a chime on the Internet Hub. So any family member at home would be able to hear the chime when the garage door is open.

    Q: What if my phone is out of battery when I get home, how can I disarm the system?

    A: You may use the built-in keypad on the Internet Hub to disarm the system by entering the PIN, or you can use an external device such as keyfob or external keypad to disarm the system.

    Q: Is there any automated events I can create, like if this then that? For instance, if a door is open, turn on a light?

    A: Yes, we have a feature called “If…Then…”, where you can program an event, if that happens, then trigger device. You can even program that so it is only valid when it meets the following conditions, such as with a specified time / date / alarm sequence (Arm Home / Arm Away / Disarm etc)

    Q: Can I disable the beeping during Entry Delay so intruder would not know where the Internet Hub is?

    A: Yes, for added security purposes, you may want to disable the Entry Delay beeping so intruders would not know where the Internet Hub is. You have the option to disable the beeping completely during Entry Delay. You may also customize the Entry Delay / Exit Delay duration.

    Q: Will the system notify me if it is not connected to the internet?

    A: Yes, you will be notified if the Internet Hub is not connected to the internet and you should then check the internet connection to ensure it is functioning properly.

    Q: Is there any monthly monitoring fee?

    A: Absolutely not, there is no monthly fee.


    Q: Will the SkylinkNet system work with my existing cameras or other 3rd party cameras?

    A: We do not guarantee the compatible of any 3rd party cameras would be compatible with the SkylinkNet. Skylink do offer 3 types of cameras including 1) Non Pan-Tilt Camera, 2) Pan-Tilt Camera, 3) Outdoor Camera.

    Q: Does the camera provide auto recording feature when motion is detected.

    A: This is something our R&D team is working on at the moment, we will have such feature available within the next couple months, stay tuned.

    Q: Can the camera be used at night?

    A: Yes, all cameras have built-in infrared for night vision, so it can function properly at night with the night vision mode (black and white instead of color).

    Q: Does the camera provide audio?

    A: The Pan-Tilt Camera allows you to listen and talk thru the camera. The Non Pan-Tilt allows you to listen only and the Outdoor Camera does not offer any audio feature.


    Q: What type of battery is needed for the sensors?

    A: All sensors run on either AAA or AA alkaline batteries with typical battery life of 2 years. When the battery level is low, the system will send you a notification to replace the battery.

    Q: Will I get notified when any sensor is activated?

    A: Yes and No. You will get notified only for the sensor activations you want. For sensors that may be triggered constantly, such as a motion sensor in the kitchen, you may set it up so it only notifies you when this sensor causes an alarm situation.

    Q: Can I program the flood sensor to sound the alarm when it is activated regardless of the arm mode?

    A: You can setup each sensor in one of the operation modes: 1) Arm Away Only, 2) Arm Home / Arm Away, 3) Instant Alarm, 4) Disabled. Enable the flood sensor in Instant Alarm mode will sound the alarm instantly regardless of the arm status.

    Q: How are the sensors mounted?

    A: You have the option to mount the sensors with either adhesive type or screws, both are included in the kit.

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