10 Home Safety Tips While You Are On Vacation

Story- Nina loves to travel and sharing that on social media is equally important for her. She just loves the attention from friends and acquaintances. She posts “A much awaited trip, Caribbean vacation with family”. When they returned, they realized that there was a break-in; cash, jewelry and other personal and valuable items were missing. All the amazing memories from the trip swept away and now it all seem to be a big mistake of not preparing enough for home security. Here are Top 10 Safety Tips for Home Safety while you’re away on Vacation.

  • Resist the urge to give it a shout out. DO NOT post about your trips on social media, at least until you are back home. It has been one of the common sources to know about whereabouts of potential victims.
  • Advertise your security to warn off potential thieves or scare them with a “Beware of Dog” sign. It’s wise not to attempt a break-in to a house with smart home security or a large breed dog sign and it definitely decreases the chances of theft attempt.
  • Remove the power Cord or use a vacation lock for your Garage Door Opener if no one will be home for few days, unless you have a Tamper Proof Trolley which will protect you home from bad guys. Vacation Lock will disengage all the remotes and eradicate fraudulent attempts. Incidents have been reported where thieves are able to open the Garage Door from outside, using a coat hanger. You
  • If you have a Smart Home Security System, perform necessary checks to make sure that it is working fine. Don’t miss to check all the sensors and other devices with batteries.
  • Use Timers to scheduled events like turning on the Lights, Music, Radio etc at a specific time or multiple times, especially during late evenings. If someone is watching your house, they will assume that someone is at home. Placing Motion Sensor Lights at right spots also helps to secure your home the smart way.
  • Unplug all the unnecessary electronics items and close the main water supply. This helps in saving on bills and reduces accident chances.
  • Suspend Newspaper and courier deliveries or ask your neighbors to receive deliveries on your behalf. Speak to your neighbors and let them know that you will be away.
  • Leave no signs that you are away, especially in case of a long trip. Get your grass cut or snow shoveled.
  • You might be quite excited while starting for a vacation; but do not discuss about your trip and its duration while in a taxi or ride share. Avoid letting strangers know about your vacation and home location.
  • Invest in Smart Home Security Alarm System. Check out SkylinkNet Home Alert Alarm System and choose type and number of sensors that matched your need and monitor your home from anywhere & anytime. Get notified for events that are important to you and add a strong security layer to your home.
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