Things to Know About Home Security Alarm System

Home Security Alarm System is basically a structure of interworking devices and components to safeguard your Home. The main component of Home Security Alarm System is a Hub or Control Panel which is connected to various sensors and devices.

Types of Home Security Alarm System: It can be classified based on the following

Wired Alarm System Vs Wireless Alarm System

Wired Alarm System is a basic burglar alarms that uses low-voltage electrical circuit connectivity to connect entry points like Doors / windows etc and the main hub.

Wireless Alarm System is a Home Security system without wired connectivity. Instead the devices are connected through Radio Frequency. The Hub and other connected devices pass signals to communicate like triggering an Alarm or working on a command.

Monitored Alarm System Vs Unmonitored Alarm System

Monitored Alarm System is either being self monitored through Smartphone App which sends out real time event reports along with Event log history or outsourcing your house being monitored by an agency. Based on the type of triggered alarm, the monitoring team would call you to take an action on your behalf. Self Monitoring is free but if you choose to avail Home Monitoring Services, It definitely digs a hole in pocket and that too EVERY MONTH.

Unmonitored Alarm System is traditional Home Security System which is not connected through a Smartphone App and real time information cannot be transferred to you, nor is it being watched out by a monitoring agency. They rely on audible and visual alarms to notify the surroundings and if you are lucky, neighbors can come for a rescue.

Monthly Fee Vs No Monthly Fee

Alarm Systems with Monthly fee come with the charges like cloud fee, monitoring fee, Smartphone App usage charges, equipment rentals etc which reoccurs every month. The Monthly fee varies by company / service provider and the services offered. Most importantly, most of these companies have contracts which bound the buyers not to terminate services on the spot or else that would incur contract termination charges.

Alarm Systems also come with a Zero Monthly Fee and without any contract. These are DIY Alarm Systems where you do not need to spend money on installation, nor do they come any of the recurring charges. For eg. SkylinkNet Home Alarm System Kits come with an easy to install, security devices and the Smartphone App enables you to monitor your house from anywhere and anytime. With the app , you can access connected smart devices and protect your house with different App settings to choose from based on your need. All this at No Monthly Fee and without a Contract.

What is DIY Home Security? Do-It-Yourself Home Security Alarm System enables you to monitor your house from anywhere using a Smartphone App. As the devices are simple to install, there isn’t any need to hire a professional to deploy the Alarm System. One can save a lot of cost by choosing the right DIY Home Security Alarm System; like SkylinkNet Alarm System which is simple to install, does not come with any recurring fee like Cloud Fee, Monthly Monitoring Fee or Annual Maintenance Fee etc.

Components of Home Security Alarm System: Following are the main components of an Alarm System

  1. A Hub or Control Panel – The Hub/ Control panel communicates with all of the devices including sensors, sirens, keypads, central monitoring station and the Internet. The Hub enables you to define Zones, Add / Remove Devices/ Acting a central processing unit to pass information when Alarm triggers. It should be battery backed to function even during power cuts.
  2. Smartphone App-All the information is passed to you through a Smartphone app. You can choose different setting, view real time and turn on or off your devices through Smartphone App. The App gives you full control of your Home Security
  3. Door and Window Sensors– They act as the First Line of Security. Door and window sensors have two parts installed adjacent to each other. One part is installed on the door /window and the other part on a door or window frame. When a door or window is closed, it creates a security circuit. When it opens, The Hub will trigger an alarm to notify you. The notification type will vary based on your settings.
  4. Motion sensors – The second line of security. They are referred to as PIRs “Passive Infrared Sensor” and sense motion. The motion can trigger an alarm or turn on a light, based on the setting chosen. Read More about Motion Sensors and its effective placements
  5. Security cameras– Adding Security Cameras enhance the security and also give you a freedom to see your dear ones who are at home, from anywhere and anytime by using a Smartphone app.
  6. Siren or an Outdoor Alarm – They are loud enough to notify housemates on any floor and your neighbors as well.
  7. Security Sign – Houses with a Security sign are less likely be picked by burglars. They act an effective deterrent.

Based on your need, choose any no. of sensors and devises to safeguard your home. Check out SkylinkNet Home Alarm System for best quality at a pocket friendly cost, without any monthly fee. To know more, feel free to reach out our customer support team at

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