Most Effective spots to place Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are an integral part of the home security systems. The basic function of a motion sensor is to detect any movement and inform about this through preconfigured instructions. Based on the need and convenience, one can choose how they would like to be informed. Some common examples are switching on the lights, notifications on phone (if it is controlled through an app), alarm beeps or simply through LED indicators. To have the optimum utilization of motion sensors it is important to choose the right sensors as there are so many different types available in the market which caters to different needs. Plus, it is equally important to place them at the right spot.

What type of motion sensors would address my need?

While adding motion sensors to home security, one should understand the need and accordingly choose the right products. For example, if someone has a huge house and backyard or lives in a farm house and wants to be notified of an intrusion in the premises, long range motion sensor systems should be chosen. Or if someone wants to check for a movement in living room or garage, home alert indoor/outdoor sensor is the right match. Hence, choose the motion sensor with an appropriate detection and transmission range. Also, choose DIY wireless sensors as they are easy to install and cost effective. Visit Skylink to choose the best DIY sensors for home security.

Where should I place my motion sensors?

Placement of a motion sensor is quite important to determine what should be covered or ignored. Let’s looks at some common spots and are they Great & Not that Great.

  • Near HVAC Vents- Not that Great. It’s not a good idea to place motion sensors close to HVAC Vents. This triggers false alarms because of hot and cold air.
  • Side Walls: Great. Based on the detection range of the motions sensor one has selected, choose the side walls which covers maximum area. If there are pets in the house, raise the height to place it to avoid false alarms. Intruders wouldn’t know that they should crawl to avoid being detected!
  • Garage: Great. Covering Garage is essential as it is an easy access to home. Place it on the sealing or above the entrance for effectiveness.
  • Close to a Ceiling Fan: Not that Great idea for obvious reasons as it would keep detecting a movement. Also, any moving decoration items like balloons should be out of range.
  • Windows: Great. Windows is another common entrance for intruders. Use Door and window sensors as first layer of security and have motion sensors covering windows as a backup security. Do not ignore 2nd floor windows as the burglars are inventive.
  • Backyard: Great as it’s another easy access. To avoid false alarms one can choose to ignore the activity once someone is home and only trigger a notification when everyone is away or while sleeping.

So keep in mind about the easy access areas, valuables to be covered, what spot can give wide angle & best coverage and how to avoid false alarms.

How to Install and use Motion Sensors

  • While installing any DIY products, it’s a common practice to ignore the manuals which ends in frustration and misjudging the products. Go thought the Manuals, watch installation videos and if required call customer support to get help with installations.
  • Based on the use and frequency of movements, use different ways to be notified. For example choose “siren” for backyard while sleeping to notify movement and “turn on lights” if someone is at the door.
  • Choose “Arm Away” or “Arm Home” modes when you are away from home or at home in order to be notified of movements differently.
  • Be Creative, Make it fancy. Use IFTTT and connect with smart devices and enjoy the applications. Use sensors for closets, vanity units or kids rooms to turn the lights off and on. Use them as decorations or hide them in decorations so that no one notices them.

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