Mandates Battery Backup

California Law SB 969 Mandates Battery Backup for Electric Garage Door Openers

California’s new Bill, Senate Bill 969 is a great step towards reinforcing life safety. 2018 was a destructive wildfire season for California which unfortunately caused fatalities. As a part of amelioration steps, the new law SB 969, effective from July 1st 2019 mandates all the new residential Electric Garage Door Openers installed in California to be equipped with a battery backup. This is a strong law to prevent people from being trapped in their garages during power failures.

Customers’ safety is the biggest priority for Skylink Group. Irrespective of which geographies our customers live in, all our Garage Door Openers are compatible with the battery back-up from first day, No matter how old the Garage Door Opener is.

As per the mandate, all the Skylink Garage Door Openers will only be sold along with the backup battery. If you are a Skylink Garage Door Opener user from California, we recommend you to order a BACKUP BATTERY, BA-100 in case you are not already using it. After all it’s about our life safety. In case of system outage, the battery keeps the Garage Door Systems up and running for 1-2 days under normal operations and its built-in LED illumination saves chaotic situations. Plus, it’s super easy to install.

If you are Garage Door Opener Distributor, Dealer or Installer covering California, you do not need to worry about the inventory. The Skylink Battery Backup Unit is designed to work with all the Skylink garage door openers. One-Battery-Fits-all and you do not have to worry about different SKUs.

For enhanced convenience, both ATOMS™ & ATOMS PRO™ are loaded with lifetime energy efficient built-in LED which is bright enough to light up the garage while saving energy on electricity bills, latest features like Tamper proof trolley for enhanced security and a choice of wired or wireless safety sensors.

Skylink latest Garage Door Opener model, ATOMS PRO™ allows you to connect with SkylinkNet App allowing monitoring and control with your Smartphone. It is SmartHome ready and is compatible with IFTTT and Amazon Echo for a complete home automation environment.

To know more, reach out to our Customer Service Associate at 1800 304 1187 or write to us at . We look forward to hear from you.

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