Works with Alexa, Works with Alexa, Works with Alexa, Works with Alexa, Control your smart home just by asking. “Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to turn on kitchen light”. SkylinkNet Alexa Voice Commands. You can control your SkylinkNet by saying, Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to Arm Home.

Works with Alexa, Works with Alexa

SkylinkNet IFTTT

SkylinkNet IFTTT

SkylinkNet Alexa Voice Commands

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Voice Command Examples

SkylinkNet now works with Amazon Alexa.
  • You can control your SkylinkNet by saying:

    • ‘Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to Arm Home.’
    • ‘Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to Arm Away.’
    • ‘Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to Panic.’
    • ‘Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to Check Alarm Status.’

    • ‘Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to Turn On Table Lamp.’
    • ‘Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to Turn Off Ceiling Light.’

    • ‘Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to Close Garage Door.’

  • You can check sensors status by saying:

    • ‘Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to Check Sensor Status.’

SkylinkNet + Amazon Alexa

Multiple SkylinkNet Hubs

You can also control multiple SkylinkNet systems by saying:

  • ‘Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to set Office to arm away.’
  • ‘Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to check Hom alarm status.’

Multiple hubs

Amazon Alexa FAQ

Q: How to enable Alexa on my SkylinkNet system?

A: You must link your Alexa to your SkylinkNet account. Please follow this video to link these 2 accounts together. Most importantly, you should see this statement on the Alexa page “Your SkylinkNet Skill was successfully linked.” once they are linked. This is to confirm Alexa is communicating with your SkylinkNet’s account. Refer to this setup video:

Q: How can I test this Skill after linking?

A: The easiest command is to ask Alexa to check your alarm status, by saying:

“Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to check alarm status”.
Alexa should report the current status of your hub, such as “Home is disarmed”, where Home is the name of your hub.
If you have difficulty getting a response from Alexa, please ensure the account is linked and the voice command is correct.

Q: I have linked the Alexa to my SkylinkNet account, but it is not working.

A: Please ensure your Internet Hub has the latest firmware. On the SkylinkNet app, go to More > About and make sure you have the latest firmware. It not, upgrade the firmware to the latest version.

Q: What voice commands can I used with my SkylinkNet?

A: You can control your SkylinkNet with the following voice commands.


  • Check Alarm Status: “Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to check alarm status”
  • Check Sensor Status: “Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to check sensor status”
  • Arm Home: “Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to arm home”
  • Arm Away: “Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to arm away”
  • Panic: “Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to panic”

Home Automation:

  • Turn On: “Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to turn on Bedroom Light
  • Turn Off: “Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to turn off Fan
  • Close Garage: “Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to close Garage Door

Check out this video for demonstration:

Q: What devices in my SkylinkNet system will I be able to control using Alexa voice command?

A: You can use Alexa voice command to control all of your lighting devices, appliances, Atoms garage door openers. Alexa can also report the status of all the sensors that you have in your SkylinkNet system.

Q: Can I create my own voice command by not having to say "Alexa, ask SkylinkNet ……"?

A: You must follow the exact same command as suggested by SkylinkNet. The only changeable variable is the name of the device, which is the name that you created on the SkylinkNet App for your device. For example, if you want to turn on a “coffee maker”, which is one of the devices you have in your SkylinkNet App, the command would be: “Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to turn on coffee maker”. If you have another device named “table lamp”, the command would become “Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to turn on table lamp”.

Q: I can control (on / off) some devices but not the others. Any reason why?

A: One possible reason for Alexa to pick up some commands but not others could due to the name of your device is not recognizable by Alexa. Try to rename the device with a simple name or a more common name. To rename a SkylinkNet device, simple open up the app and click the settings icon for that specific device and choose rename. After renaming, try to control that device with Alexa again.

Q: Do you have specific tips on naming devices?

A: Try to use simple one or two-word descriptions using house and room names where appropriate. Such as Bedroom Light, Kitchen Light, Basement Fan etc. Try to avoid using complicated names or numbers in device names, such as Bedroom Light 3. With a simpler word, Alexa will be able to pick it up easier.

Q: When I ask Alexa to turn on a light, Alexa responded saying it cannot find such device and needs to discover the device. What can I do?”

A: You do not need to discover any devices for SkylinkNet. Once the Skill is enabled and account is linked, you have completed all the setup. Make sure you say the voice command correctly and Alexa should respond correctly. If Alexa does not respond correctly, please contact us.