SkyLink Alarm System Starter Kit REVIEW Basic DIY Kit with sensitive sensors

Skylinknet Easy Setup and the system was responsive.

No Terminators were harmed in the making of this review. When I first examined the attractive 5 3/8 inches wide by 5 3/8 inches long by 4 15/16 inches thick SkyLinkNet Home Automation Kit, I could not separate the name from the fictitious Skynet, from The Terminator movies. Knowing the power of advertising, I suspect that the company used name recognition as an added benefit to their packaging. The top panel of the cube-like packaging showed a series of nine blue icons with white images within them surrounded by a central hub. A hand holding a smartphone on your left provided a sense of power and system control. Using buzzwords like Home Automation, Alarm System, Video Monitoring and Home control, my brain navigated back to the movie tie-in. I enjoyed the packaging and felt that the company did a great job with the artwork. The white cover panel served as a clean backdrop for the components of the SK-200 Alarm System Starter Kit. Along the bottom, you will find helpful pictures of the internet hub, a smartphone (not included), security keychain remote, motion sensor, window and door sensors and iOS App Store and Google Play Store icons. When you rotate the package ninety degrees clockwise, you will see a dual colored blue panel. The lighter blue top displayed the accessories/model numbers, while the darker blue bottom provided a QR link, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube icons. The opposite side face proved to be very busy, listing twelve icons with English and Spanish descriptions. You can arm/disarm the system with phone or 300 foot range remote, receive push notifications, there is no monthly fees/contract, enjoy easy installation, add up to 100 sensors, backup batteries in case of power outage, event log, add up to ten cameras for video monitoring and enjoy life/recorded footage, add outdoor solar siren for additional security, be connected during power failure by external telephone dialer and lastly all sensors/main unit are operated by AA/AAA batteries for convenience and low cost. The back panel served as an advertisement for additional automation products from Skylink (security keypad, water leak sensor, garage door sensor, phone-dialer, indoor wireless camera, indoor pan and tilt camera, outdoor wireless camera, outdoor solar siren, and home control receivers. The bottom panel provided useful links to customer service 1 (800) 304-1187, hours of operation (9-5 EST) and email links

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