Hackers can use your smart devices against you

Hackers can use your smart devices against you

In 2016, cyber criminals reportedly hacked millions of smart devices — including home security systems and even printers — knocking several companies offline for hours, including Amazon.

Frank Cicero, an executive with Skylink, a company that makes smart devices, including garage door openers, door and window sensors, and security cameras, told Action 9 that outsmarting hackers is always at the forefront.

“I always look at the point, ‘What could a bad guy do? How could we not make this open?” Cicero said.

For example, Skylink didn’t want those “bad guys” to snoop around your house, see you have Amazon’s Alexa, and yell to it to open the garage for them. Skylink made software to prevent that.

“You can close it, but you can’t open the garage by Alexa,” Cicero said.

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