Back to School Safety Tips

Back to School Safety Tips

It is the end of August and that means summer vacations are coming to an end for most kids and everyone is getting ready to go back to school.

Here are few simple tips:

  • Make sure the children know the phone number of their parents or guardians, home address and how to dial 9-1-1 during an emergency.
  • Use the same route everyday if your children are walking to school and avoid shortcuts. Always cross the street at an intersection. Try to walk to school with other students.
  • Do not talk to strangers and keep a distance between themselves and anyone who tries to approach them. Teach your children to report any incidents to parents or teacher.
  • No phones while walking to school. Children need to pay close attention to their surroundings.
  • Always wear a helmet when riding a bike and try to ride with someone else to school.
  • SkylinkNet can give you peace of mind by allowing your child to disarm the alarm system when home and notifies you that your child has arrived, and with a video camera, you can see they are home safely.

We hope you find these tips useful and share them with your child, friends, and have a wonderful school year ahead.

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