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It's a smarter, more affordable home alarm system for
everyone. Remotely arm and disarm the alarm system with
the free SkylinkNet App. If a sensor is triggered, you can be
automatically informed with a push notification on your Smartphone. 

    With the Skylink App you have full control and
see the status of your alarm sensors while you are
at home, at work or on vacation.



Overview of what is happening
around your home.

Arming and disarming
at your fingertips.
Live view of various locations
of your home.

Receive push notification anytime
a new activity takes place.
Keeps track of all
recent activities.
Monitor various locations
using multiple hubs.

Keychain Remote
  Control the alarm system remotely with a keychain remote. The Keychain Remote is ideal for children's or elderly people to arm/disarm the alarm system or to press the panic button in case of emergency without using a smartphone. A push notification will notify you who armed or disarmed the alarm system using the Keychain Remote on your smartphone.


Push Notification

Get notified when a sensor is triggered,
the alarm goes off or if somebody armed
or disarmed the alarm system.



    No Monthly Fees
Affordable Home Alarm System for everyone with no monthly fees and long-term contracts.
  Event Log
Keep track of all the recent
sensor activitions, system arming/
disarming by who and when.
The Alarm System works with up to 100 wireless sensors/controllers and 10 wireless cameras.
  Chime Mode
Alerts you with a beep when
a sensor is triggered.

Live Video Monitoring
  See what's happening in your home with your own eyes! With the wireless cameras you can monitor your home via live streaming videos and record it directly on your mobile device. The Indoor Wireless Cameras also have a Two-Way Audio feature which allows you to speak through the Camera and listen in.

 Combine these cameras with the SkylinkNet Security System to remotley monitor your home.  The cameras are wireless and simple to set up.

Wireless IP-Camera
Model: WC-200PS
Wireless Pan & Tilt IP-Camera
Model: WC-400PH
Wireless Outdoor IP-Camera
Model: WC-500PH
Cloud Technology

Our secure cloud servers safely brokers the connection between you and your home.
No networking knowledge required, with the Cloud Server this system is truly Plug & Play

No Power? No Internet?
No worries, we got you covered!

The Back-Up Battery in the Internet Hub ensures your security even when the electricity grid fails. It will work as a local alarm system and activates the siren during a break-in. 

  Adding a Telephone Dialer to your alarm system will call up to 9 numbers of your friends and family if the alarm goes off in case of a power failure or loss of internet connection.  


  Give your family members the
access to your home alarm system
with no hassle. Simply register a new account
and log-in to the Internet Hub with
your own personal password.



Control multiple location with the SkylinkNet App. Simply select hub on the App and have full control in the palm
of your hand whether you are at your workshop, vacation home, office or at home.


Home Automation

Automate your home and turn your lights and
appliances on and off. Simply integrate the
Skylink HomeControl Receivers and control them
remotely, on a schedule or with the Skylink App.



As Seen On
See what the media have to say about SkylinkNet Alarm System.



The Starter Kit has everything you need to get started. Download the free SkylinkNet App and just add additional sensors and cameras to protect your home the smart way!




Customer Support

Skylink offers step by step installation,
technical support and other
resources online.

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