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The Household Alert Systems are a simple and inexpensive way of bringing some peace of mind to your home. Skylink offers a variety of sensors to suit each and everyone's personal needs. From motion sensors for the driveway, to door/window sensors for your front door, we've got you covered. The Household Alert receiver offers an Alert mode and visually shows you which zone has been triggered so you know which exact sensor has gone off. In addition to this, the Long Range Household Alert System offers an Alarm mode as well. Its four zones allow you to use multiple sensors, each zone capable of holding four sensors in its memory. If you're looking for a simple Alert or Alarm system without having to pay a fortune, Skylink's Household Alert System is the way to go.








  How it works
A reliable system to keep your house and family safe.
Step 1: Switch On

Plug-in the Alert Receiver and select either Alert or Alarm mode.
Step 2: Trigger the Sensor

Trigger the sensor and it will transmit a signal to the receiver.
Step 3: Alert/Alarm!

The Zone LED light on the receiver will flash and the receiver will either beep in Alert Mode or sound the siren in the Alarm mode.




  Receiver & Sensors




  Easy Installation
Simple installation with adhesive strips and mounting accessories.
Simple Programming!
Insert the battery in the sensors and press the "LEARN" button on the receiver and sensor to program it.
Mounting Materials/ Peel & Stick
All of our sensors come with mounting material to mount the sensors with the screw or with the adhesive strips. The adhesive strips are the best way to mount your sensors fast and clean. The holding power is amazing.
  Pull Battery activation strips
Your sensor's battery stay fresh with our battery strips, just pull on the tab and your sensor is activated.*

* Batteries are not included with the Motion Sensors.




  Expand and Customize
You have the control to expand the system and customize the settings easily.

  Expandable!   Add more sensors at any time    Customize with our easy set-up   
  Getting and installing a custom alert system in your home has never been so easy. The
 HA-Series works with up to 16 sensors.

  Adding new components is easy, your system can grow with your needs. Most components come with batteries pre-installed with the mounting accessories and adhesive tape. 

  The good news is that you'll probably never need a professional to set up your Wireless Alert System. It can be easily done by you. So, you can customize your system easily and have control over the operation of each sensors. You can also customize the settings of each Sensors such as alert or alarm mode.  



  Status Check
It can self-monitor the wireless connection and battery life of the Sensors.
  The Household Alert Sensors are supervised sensors which monitor their batteries and let you know when communication between the sensor and the receiver has been lost.

When communication has been lost, the LED light of the zone which the sensor belongs to will start to flash. From there, you can check which sensor has the low battery and replace the battery in that specific sensor. 



  Zone Setting
Easily Identify which sensor has been triggered.
You can set up all the sensors in four different zones to help you identify which sensor has been triggered. The zone LED will flash when a sensor from that zone has been triggered.

An ideal Zone Setting is to separate the sensors by room, level or by the type of sensor.





  Audio / Visual Indicator
Your option of three mode settings for Audio/Visual indicator.
Alert/Mute Mode    Alert Mode   Alarm Mode*
  Keep the toggle switch on Alert mode and press the mute button. Only visual indication will occur. The light will flash when the sensor is triggered.   Set it to Alert mode. When a sensor is triggered, the unit will beep and the zone LED will flash. The number of beeps represents the zone number.   Set it to Alarm mode. When a sensor is triggered, the unit will emit an alarm and the zone LED light will flash.




  Battery Power
Long-lasting protection
Take it when you move.
  Skylink wireless Sensors run on lithium and alkaline batteries. Depending on your usage, the lithium power cells are long lasting, providing you peace of mind.

  Our Security System can easily be removed. Make sure you take it with you when you move to a new location, so you have the same reliable protection when you are in the new neighborhood.





The Skylink Alert System Kits come with the Receiver and one Sensor to start to secure your home or business. Depending on how many sensors you need, you can customize the system  with additional sensors at any time.

Starter Kits

The Household Alert System works with up to 16 sensors in an operation range of up to 800ft. It is available in color black.

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