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Use one Remote to control your devices.


Dream big, start small with the expandable Skylink Home Automation system designed for DIY Customers. The possibilities are endless! Control lights, garage doors, swing doors, small electronics/appliances, and electric or gas fireplaces in your home or business with simple Remote Controls.

















   Click a number (1-10).

  Dimming:   Click a number (3-9) and hold it.

  Zone On/Off
  Press and hold / for one second, then click zone number (1-4)

  Zone dimming up
  Press and hold   for one second, then press and hold Zone number.

  Zone dimming down
  Press and hold  for one second, then press and hold Zone number.

A SkylinkHomeTM remote means convenience.

The SkylinkHomeTM remote grants you complete control at your fingertips. You have the freedom to control the lights and small appliances throughout your entire home or business.

Turn off all the kitchen lights at once; dim the lights in the whole family room while watching your favorite TV show; turn on the lights in your bedroom and dim to create a perfect atmosphere; turn off all the lights and appliances before you go to bed, each with the touch of a button on your remote.







Control your entire Home with the push of a button. Imagine turning on your lights first thing in the morning with the press of a single button. Have your coffee ready and waiting for you when you come down for breakfast. Skylink's receivers can control On/Off function and are also available with Timer and Scene functions.

Ideal application for hotels, motels, senior living homes, etc. Impress your guests by remotely controling your lights and small appliances. Skylink's HomeControl Systems are dimmable and are also capable of controling Timer and Scene settings.

Every business could use a little more control. Remotely control  your lights, their brightness, your projector screen and other small appliances. Dim the lights during presentations, or turn off all the lights at the end of the day with the press of a single button.




GREEN And Efficient.
Skylink's HomeControl Systems allows you to save energy and cut down on cost. Did you know that once you turn off your appliances and electronics, they are still consuming electricity? Switch off your electronics and appliances with a Skylink HomeControl Receiver and save more on your next electricity bill.

Skylink Automation is the perfect method of Energy Management.


at your fingertip.
  Enjoy controlling your Home from your Smartphone or tablet with the Skylink HomeControl App for Apple and Android devices.  
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Great Technology  
shouldn't be expensive.
Setting a Home Automation system doesn't necessarily mean complicated, expensive technology. Our System is designed for DIY Customers. You can start with one room and keep adding as many receivers and transmitters as you would like until your system is complete.
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