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The Skylink Wireless Alarm System provides Complete Control of your home, business or desired premises. Skylink offers three different starter kits to choose from. The Systems are expandable with up to 30 Accessories, enabling the owner to customize in accordance to their personal needs. The simple DIY setup allows you to easily install the system yourself, without the expense of professional assistance.









  Control Panel and Sensors  


  No Contract 
We never make you sign any kind of contract or pay monthly fees!
Homeowners have been settling for expensive monthly monitoring services, where you pay for the devices, installation and monthly monitoring fees.

The Skylink Wireless Alarm System is designed to be easy to set up without any binding contracts or expensive monthly fees.  You have the flexibility to decide who is to be notified during an alarm. The Alarm System is capable of calling up to 9 pre-programmed phone numbers.  


  Easy Installation
Plug & Play: All your sensors arrive pre-programmed with batteries, adhesive strips and mounting accessories.
Ready to start!
We'll let you know that everything is communicating. Our Control Panel and sensors come pre-programmed. As you install your sensors you can test them in chime mode and the chime will confirm that the senor has successfully transmitted a signal to the Control Panel.
Mounting Materials - Peel & Stick
All our sensors come with mounting material to mount the sensors with the screws or with the adhesive strips. The adhesive strips are the best way to mount your sensors quickly and mess-free. The holding power is amazing.
  Pull Battery activation strips
Your sensor's batteries stay fully charged with our battery strip. Simply pull the tabs to power up the sensors. Insert the Alkaline Battery into the Control Panel and the Dialer, and you're ready to start. 


  Expand and Customize
You have the control to expand the system and customize the settings easily
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  Works with up to 30 accessories    Add more accessories at any time    Customize with our easy set-up   
  Getting and installing a custom alarm system in your home has never been so easy. You can have up to 30 different accessories to fully protect your home.

SC-10 Kit works with 15 components.
SC-100 Kit works with 30 components.
SC-1000 Kit works with 30 components.
  Adding new components is easy. Your system can grow with your needs. Every component comes with a battery and with the mounting accessories/ adhesive strips, making the installation of a new sensor hassle free. 

  The good news is that you'll probably never need a professional to set up your Wireless Alarm System. It can be easily done by yourself. You can customize your system easily and have control over the operation of each sensor. You can also customize the settings of each zone into various modes such as chime mode, delay mode, instant mode, etc.  


  Emergency Dialer
No Monthly Fees. Flexible to call anyone. No Terms or Contracts.
Quick and Simple

The Emergency Dialer will call up to 9 pre-programmed telephone numbers and play the 40 second recorded voice message if a sensor triggers the alarm. 

Together with the Panic Button transmitter, the System provides better protection for the elderly. By pressing the panic button, the Dialer will call the pre-programmed telephone numbers and will play the pre-recorded message.  

  Step 1:
When a wireless sensor is triggered, the Control Panel will immediately be notified.
  Step 2:
The built-in loud siren will go off and the Dialer will immediately call you and play the pre-recorded message.
  Step 3:
Once you receive the call, you can contact the police right away.

  Step 4:
The Police will arrive quickly to your location to apprehend burglars and make sure you and your premises are safe.


  Panic Button
Wireless Panic Button provides help at your fingertips whenever you need it.

  Protect Yourself

Keep your Panic Button handy, so you can trigger the alarm if an intruder enters your home at night. Simply press the button and the alarm siren will go off and scare the burglar away. It will also activate the dialer to notify other family members neighbors etc.
  Panic Alarm for elderly Parents

This Alarm System with the Panic Button function is also ideal for elderly family members. Pressing the Panic Button in an emergency will activate the dialer and notify your family members.
  Control Panel
Model: SC-001
  Keychain Remote
Model: 4B-434
  Panic Remote
Model: PT-434
  Wrist Panic Remote
Model: HW-434

  Zone/Mode Setting
Whether you are sleeping at home or out at the office, we've got you covered
Delay/Instant Mode
Safety when you're not at home

Choose between two options: Delay mode or Instant mode. In delay mode, the system gives you a 45-second delay upon exit and a 30-second delay upon entry, giving you time to get in and out of the premises. Instant mode will arm or disarm the alrm system immediately when pressing the button on the Keychain Remote.






  Battery Power
Long-lasting protection
Take it when you move.
Rolling Code
More Security.
Skylink wireless sensors run on lithium and alkaline batteries, ensuring your security during power outage. Depending on your usage, the lithium batteries are long-lasting, providing you with a peace of mind.

The Security System can easily be removed. Make sure you take with you when you move to a new location, so you have the same reliable protection when you are in the new neighborhood.

An encrypted code that is different from the previous code will be generated for every activation. Our Rolling Code system offers higher security than traditional fixed code security systems.



  Great Value
Affordable Wireless Alarm System.
Alarm System
Alarm System
Up Front Cost Below $200.00 Avg. $300.00
Installation Cost 0.00 Avg. $149.99
Monthly Fees 0.00 Avg. $39.99
  No Contract  
  Easily Expandable
Savings add up quickly when compared to
traditional security companies.




  Layered Protection
With multiple layers of defense, Skylink Security System, gives you the peace of mind.


  Entry Sensors
Trigger the alarm as soon as a burglar opens one of your doors or windows.
Motion Sensors
Catch thieves breaking in through your other unmonitored entries as second line of defense.
  Panic Buttons
Activates the alarm by pressing the Panic Button in emergency situation.






Skylink's SC-Series Wireless Alarm Systems are available in various kits which come with all the
 accessories and sensors that you will need to secure your home or business.


Customer Support

Skylink offers step by step installation,
technical support and other
resources online.

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