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Skylink Group, for instance, offers a series of residential garage door openers with quiet DC motors. These openers accelerate slowly to full speed and slow before coming to s stop to reduce vibration and noise. Kevin Barnak, U.S. account manager for Brampton, Ontario-based Skylink, says, “The heavier and clunkier the motor, the more noise an opener will make.” Read more

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SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit (SK-200)

Canadian-based Skylink Technologies has been in the DIY home automation business for almost 25 years. Its latest digital home security solution, the SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit (SK-200), makes it possible for homeowners to monitor their home from a smartphone without spending a bundle. It’s a basic kit that includes a motion sensor and a pair of window/door sensors, and for $149.99, it’s a very affordable way to get in on the home automation craze. Read more

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Skylink Alarm System Hardware Review

The Starter Kit review unit Skylink sent us was interestingly small, but packed quite a lot: a singular Internet Hub, one Keychain Remote, a Motion Sensor, power adapter, ethernet cable and a small cache of screws and such for optional mounting. Not included, but needed to set up are a total of seven (7) AAA and AA batteries. The idea is that the Hub acts as the brains, and the other pieces connect together to create a cloud-supported, user controlled safety and security network. Read more

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The INTERNET of THINGS IS COMING! Be Prepared With These Awesome SmartHome Appliances

If you want to go a little more Tony Stark on your smart home than just kettles and lighting, might I suggest the SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit? The SkylinkNet Alarm System is a do-it-yourself smart home security system that allows you to add more advanced features piecemeal. Read more

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Skylink SK-200 Kit Review

It’s no longer the case that home security systems have to come from a big-name company that installs them and monitors their output. As a result of the growing smart and connected home market, there are consumer options available that give people control over their own home’s security. One of the home security kits comes from SkyLink. Read more

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