Top Ten Smart Home Gadgets and Appliances

The SkylinkNet alarm system is one of several options on the marker claiming to be a ‘smarter’ home security system. As part of the system, window and door fixtures contain motion sensors which alert you when there is a trigger through an accompanying application. SkyLink’s product is easy to set up and connect to your smartphone, and also comes with a keychain hob which allows users to remotely alarm and disarm a system — as well as a ‘panic’ button, which if pressed, alerts the connected smartphone to the call for help. Read more

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SkylinkNet Alarm System Review: A Better, Cheaper ADT Alternative

For years now I have wanted a home security system and for years I have put off purchasing one from a company like ADT for one reason: I didn’t like the idea of paying a monthly fee of $28.99 and getting stuck with a minimum 3 year contract. That’s $1,043 that I would rather save. Luckily, I ran across the SkylinkNet Alarm System, a home security and automation solution which can give your home basic protection for just $149.99 one time (the price of the starter kit). Read more

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SkylinkNet Alarm System Review: Home Security with No Monthly Fees

When we first moved into our house, we debated signing up with an alarm company. Ultimately we decided against it after looking at how much a contract would cost, but I’ve been following the smartphone-based alarm systems closely. We’ve been testing the SkylinkNet Alarm System starter kit; so how does it fit our needs and protect our home? Read more

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SkylinkNet An Affordable Self Monitored Alarm

Thanks to the kindness of the Skylink team, I’ve been self-monitoring my home with the SkylinkNet Alarm Starter Kit for a couple weeks. The Skylink starter kit comes with an internet hub equipped with battery backup, a motion sensor, two door/window sensors, a keychain remote, a power adapter, an ethernet cable, and mounting accessories. It’s different from a traditional security system as it is completely self-monitored. While you will not have the luxury of a professional monitoring company watching your back, you are also not tied into a contract with monthly fees. Read more

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Skylink Offers Home Security for the Do it Yourselfer

Skylink allowed me to try its SK-200 Alarm System Starter Kit ($149.99). This is a compact, easily giftable solution for anyone looking for home security without the contract and monthly payments. Because it is mostly wireless and compact, it could be a great solution for apartment or dorm dwellers looking to add a little security without permanently installing a wired system. Read more

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Skylink protects home without monthly fees

Summer vacation plans are likely in the works, with the end of school rapidly approaching. Security of the home often is an issue for potential vacationers. There certainly are ways to keep a home secure, but most are costly. Many home security systems require monthly fees, which can add up quickly. Read more

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Featured Review: Skylink Home Alarm System Starter Kit

Whether online or offline, security is a massive buzzword in recent times. While there are many security options for your home, in a more connected world, the option to protect your house without the need for a month to month premium paid service is becoming easier and more affordable. This is where options like Skylink Home Alarm System comes in. Offerings users an affordable, self-installation and self-monitoring option. Read more

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