A Hub of Security

DIY home alarm system kit – A Hub of Security: Toronto-based Skylink’s DIY home alarm system kit is controlled by an Internet Hub, and comes with a motion sensor, keychain remote, and two door or window sensors. Connect the Hub to wireless router, and the system will coordinate the activities of all receivers and sensors through an IOS or Android smartphone app. Customers can arm and disarm the alarm system from anywhere, and receive a push notification if the door or window sensor detects motion. [···]

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SkylinkNet Alarm System SK-200 Unboxing Review

You’ve got more home security options these days than ever before, and an increasing number of them don’t include long contracts or monthly fees. The latest such system comes from a company called Skylink, which operates out of Canada, Hong Kong, and the US. For nearly 25 years, Skylink’s been selling localized, DIY alarm systems, and now, with the newly released SkylinkNet system, the company’s bringing your smartphone into the picture, too. Read more

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Condo technology becomes a modern amenity

Home Smart Centre automation is now a market for big box retailers who cater to homeowners with specialized products, software and installation packages. Nest Labs was one of the first companies out of the gate with devices like the Learning Thermostat that builds a personalized schedule of temperatures based on a user’s daily routine. [···]

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