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Atoms Garage Door Opener
** Pricing & Free Shipping applies to a minimum order of 32 pieces of AN-2612-7C to USA (mainland).

Features & Benefits

  • Powerful 1/2HP motor capable to open any garage door
  • Durable solid rail chain drive for reliable performance
  • 8FT and 10FT solid rails and belt drive upgrades available
  • Compact size for easy and clean installation
  • Quiet operation ideal for indoor garages

  • DC motor allows speed control for soft start/close to reduce vibrations
  • Built-in bright LED light saves energy and never needs replacing
  • Backup battery compatible works during power outage (sold separately)
  • 3-Button remote with Passcode Protection for additional security
  • Compatible with In-Car garage door remote

Atoms Chain Installation
Atoms Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Installation
(This video is for a sectional rail installation, follow user manual for solid rail installation.)
Watch Now
Register as a Dealer or Professional Installer and receive a FREE* sample of the New Atoms Garage Door Opener for you to try and evaluate the superb quality and features.

  • 1/2HP DC motor opener with 7’ sectional rail
  • Deluxe wall console

  • 3-button remote with Passcode Protection
  • Photo-Eye sensor

* Free sample to qualified dealers and professional installers only and includes sectional rail

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