Garage Door Safety and Maintenance Tips #1

In the following weeks, we will be featuring some garage door safety and maintenance tips. We will start off this week with one of the most important safety features, the safety reversing sensor, also known as the photo eyes.

The safety reversing sensor is designed to prevent your garage door closing on any objects, which could cause severe damage. It is activated when the door is in the closing cycle. You should test the safety reversing sensor on a regular basis.

To test the safety reversing sensor:

  1. Open the garage door fully.
  2. Place a carton box in the path of the door, which is high enough to break the infrared beam of the safety reversing sensor.
  3. Push the button on the wall console or the remote to close the door.
  4. The garage door should not close and the opener light should flash.

Professional service is required if the opener closes the door when the safety reversing sensor is obstructed.

If the opener is manufactured prior to 1993, and it does not have safety sensors, seriously consider a new garage door opener with auto-reverse safety door sensors as a standard feature.

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