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Garage Door Opener

Installation Services Inc

We have used the Skylink openers for a while and more so now as they are offering a real value for the quality and reliability provided. Nice look and compact, easy to install and program and full of features, but most of all it’s the very quiet operation of the motor. Service and support is always just a phone call away.

– Hary Crowley, Installation Services Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Canadian Doormaster

We have been using the Skylink operator for 6 months now. It has filled the niche for a economical base level operator. Our installers have praised its ease of installation, and our clients have been pleased with the performance.

– Colleen M., Canadian Doormaster, Garage Doors Vancouver, BC, Canada

Medina Overhead Doors & Dock Levelers

I used to purchase Skylink EQ openers. These is one good quality and reliable product be using for years. When I introduced and installed the new Atoms for my customers. It demonstrates that the people like ATOMSTM much, with high in quality product, not noisy and more important is zero job re-call. I learn that Skylink’s people are proactive to bring in a good product to the market.

– Dan C., Medina Overhead Doors & Dock Levelers, Markham, ON, Canada

Frank’s Home Service

I am satisfy and recommend ATOMSTM Garage Openers to my customers. The outlook is good, compact with bright LED lights. I believe that is one high quality and sustainable product with affordable pricing. I always have it installed without any major problem.

– Frank’s Home Service, Markham, ON, Canada

Frank’s Home Service

I have installed many Skylink Garage Door Openers for my customers. I have never had a major problem with reliability concerns on Skylink’s openers. My customers have always been satisfied so that I would recommend to field experts as far as affordability and sales service & supports. This is a right choice that you can’t go wrong.

– Joseph , Owner, J & S Garage Door, Markham, ON, Canada

Garage Door Expert

Recently I installed a new garage door and a Skylink ATOMSTM garage door opener for a new customer who was referred by a previous customer. I do most of my business by referrals, so a happy customer is very important. I have had nothing but praise about the new Atoms opener from this customer that he referred two of his neighbours who were impressed by how quiet the new opener and how important it was because the garage is under a bedroom. I found the compact size easy to handle and install and the programming was simple and fast. I believe that this opener is by far the best value on the market for performance and quietness and customer satisfaction. Good customer services, especially Mr Frank C. replied my call after 7.00 PM.

– Malik Syed, Garage Door Expert, Mississauga, ON, Canada

Budget Garage Doors

There at Budget Garage Doors, we offer our customers Skylink products due to their reliability. In addition to reliability their products are dependable and customer friendly to use. The garage door openers are quiet and this is a major factor that customer look for when shopping. We will continue to offer our costumer Skylink products with qualities as they have today.

– Steve Tullos, Budget Garage Doors, Ontario, California, USA

General Garage Door

The Skylink garage door opener is by far the best value for the money. Our customers love its smooth and quiet operation; our installers love the ease of installation.

– Michael Permoda, Managing Member, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Peninsula Door Service

If you’re are looking for a durable and dependable garage door opener then Skylink is the right product for you. The openers are easy to install and operate very smoothly. Whether it be the chain-drive model or the belt-drive model, Skylink openers are the quietest operating openers we have ever purchased. When we install Skylink garage door openers we have peace of mind knowing that we are providing our customers with a top quality product that will give them many years of trouble free operation.

– Don Hookings , Owner, Peninsula Door Service, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada


I use these openers for 4 years, they are very quiet and reliable. In my opinion this is the best opener value for money on the market.”customer look for when shopping. We will continue to offer our costumer Skylink products with qualities as they have today.

– Laurent Longpre , President, Garatech Inc., Quebec, QC, Canada

EazyLift Garage Doors

I’ve been using skylink garage door openers now for the past year and I’m impressed with the quality and performance of each and every unit that i install the openers are easy to install and very quiet .my customers are happy with the skylink garage door opener, and that’s good enough for me.

– Llyod White , Owner, EazyLift Garage Doors, Ottawa, ON, Canada

A-One Garage Doors

We have been installing Skylink’s garage door openers for over two years and find them to be very easy to install and program, and feel they give our customers a worry free and dependable operator that will last for many years.

– John, Owner, A-One Garage Doors, Markham, ON, Canada

Acadiana Garage Doors

When we installed it we were impressed with the looks and compact size, the installation and programming was simple enough and using the LED display was a bonus. The motor was surprisingly quiet and smooth. Overall it’s a great value and the support from Skylink is excellent!

– Ty Greneaux, Acadiana Garage Doors, Lafayette, LA, USA

Warner Garage Door

This is a super quiet and sleek looking opener! Easy installation and simple programming made the job a breeze. A real value with all the features found on more expensive units. It’s a benefit having the LED display to guide you through the programming. Service and support is friendly and always available. A FIVE STAR all the way!

– Koby Croft, Warner Garage Door, New York Mills, MN, USA

Door Guys LLC

I was looking for a quality value alternative opener and I find the Skylink ATOMSTM fit in perfectly. They are quiet, powerful and durable. The LED display makes it simple to install and program and the built in LED light is a great feature and a real bonus for my customers.

– Mark M., Door Guys LLC, Greenville, WI, USA

Plum lift a door

I love the Skylink ATOMSTM garage door openers, the sleek compact design look great in any garage and its super simple to install with the help of the LED indicator. You can barely hear the operator, by far the quietest motor I’ve installed. The built in LED light means no more light bulbs to replenish and keep in our trucks, best of all it takes away any customer complaints. Loaded with features, it’s truly a great value all around. Five Stars.

– Westley G., Plum Lift a Door, Ventura, CA, USA

C&S Garage Doors LLC

We installed the sample in our showroom and it looks great. It’s getting a lot of use daily and everyone loves the compact size and the bright LED light, but most of all how quiet the motor runs. Loved the way it programmed with the help of the LED display. You can’t go wrong with this unit on value, quality and reliability.

– Steve Locke, C&S Garage Doors LLC, Buckatunna, MS, USA

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