Alexa in Canada

SkylinkNet Alexa Skill is now available in Canada.

SkylinkNet allows you to monitor your home with your smartphone. With the built-in alarm features, you can remotely arm, disarm, and monitor various activities with this app.

Create a smarthome by adding home control modules to control lights, electrical appliances and other household devices. SkylinkNet also works with Atoms Garage Door Opener so you can open and close your garage door opener thru the smartphone app. [···]

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Garage Door Safety and Maintenance Tips #2

Garage Door Opener Safety Reversal System Test

  1. Open the door fully, then place a one-inch thick 2×4 on the floor (laid flat) directly under the center of the garage door.
  2. Close the door by pressing the wall console or the transmitter, as the door strikes the wood, the door should automatically reverse. If the door stops on when it hits the board, that means the travel limit is not far enough.  [···]
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Amazon Alexa FAQ

Q: How to enable Alexa on my SkylinkNet system?

A: You must link your Alexa to your SkylinkNet account. Please follow this video to link these 2 accounts together. Most importantly, you should see this statement on the Alexa page “Your SkylinkNet Skill was successfully linked.” once they are linked. This is to confirm Alexa is communicating with your SkylinkNet’s account. Refer to this setup video:

Q: How can I test this Skill after linking?

A: The easiest command is to ask Alexa to check your alarm status, by saying:  [···]

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Garage Door Safety and Maintenance Tips #1

In the following weeks, we will be featuring some garage door safety and maintenance tips. We will start off this week with one of the most important safety features, the safety reversing sensor, also known as the photo eyes.

The safety reversing sensor is designed to prevent your garage door closing on any objects, which could cause severe damage. It is activated when the door is in the closing cycle. You should test the safety reversing sensor on a regular basis.  [···]

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Back to School Safety Tips

Back to School Safety Tips

It is the end of August and that means summer vacations are coming to an end for most kids and everyone is getting ready to go back to school.

Here are few simple tips:

  • Make sure the children know the phone number of their parents or guardians, home address and how to dial 9-1-1 during an emergency.
  • Use the same route everyday if your children are walking to school and avoid shortcuts. Always cross the street at an intersection. Try to walk to school with other students.
  • Do not talk to strangers and keep a distance between themselves and anyone who tries to approach them. Teach your children to report any incidents to parents or teacher.
  • No phones while walking to school. Children need to pay close attention to their surroundings.
  • Always wear a helmet when riding a bike and try to ride with someone else to school.
  • SkylinkNet can give you peace of mind by allowing your child to disarm the alarm system when home and notifies you that your child has arrived, and with a video camera, you can see they are home safely.

We hope you find these tips useful and share them with your child, friends, and have a wonderful school year ahead.

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IFTTT Notification Options

IFTTT Notification Options

IFTTT offers a lot more options to notify you in case of an emergency

SkylinkNet will notify you regarding the incidents such as sensor activation or alarm during a break in or other emergency situations with the built-in push notification of your smartphone. What if you would also like to notify someone who is not using the SkylinkNet App? such as your friends, neighbors, relatives while you are on vacation?

Here are several new ways you can setup your SkylinkNet along with IFTTT to have more options for notification.

1) Send a text message – You can send a text message to designated phone number(s) when the alarm goes off. This is one of the most useful applets. However, please note that IFTTT only allows each account to send up to 100 messages a month, please be aware. But this is ideal for panic alarm situation.


2) Call someone – You can set up IFTTT to call a phone number and it will playback a user defined voice message.

IFTTT Recipe: Call my neighbor when my SkylinkNet alarm goes off connects skylinknet to phone-call

3) Email – You can always send the emergency message by email.

IFTTT Recipe: When SkylinkNet Hub is in specific mode, send an email notification connects skylinknet to email

4) Skype – Skype channel on IFTTT has just been launched recently, so instead of the above notification, IFTTT can send a message on Skype for all the SkylinkNet events. This is ideal for those of you who is logged in to Skype all the time.

IFTTT Recipe: When SkylinkNet alarm goes off, send a message on Skype connects skylinknet to skype

With all these notification options, we are confident that you will be pleased on how we notify you during an emergency versus traditional alarm company that charges monthly fees.

Please let us know if you can think of any other ways that you can be notified with the SkylinkNet system.

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Thieves Use Automatic Garage Door Openers To Access Homes In Suffolk County

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Automatic garage door openers are a staple of suburban life, but police urge users to be careful about where they leave them.

Several reminders to prevent this from happening to you:

  • Lock your vehicles at all times
  • Lock your entry door from the garage to your house
  • Don’t leave your garage door opener in your vehicle, regardless where you park, cause thieves can always get the vehicle registration in your glovebox which has your address
  • Last but no least, consider a garage door opener that has passcode protection feature, so nobody can open your door except you, such as this one:

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