Sound Advice: Alarm System Skylink and SkylinkNet Review

Week 28, 2017: Getting started with home automation, Skylink and SkylinkNet Review

A full range of home automation hardware can be integrated into the system, and like the security starter kit it is high quality and reasonably priced. A Skylink plug-in switch is only $22.95, noticeably less than what other companies are charging and if you buy a lot of switches it adds up quickly.  [···]

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Sound Advice: Advice on home automation

One of the most appealing systems I have tried is from Skylink (also referred to as SkylinkNet) because of its ability to affordably create a comprehensive, subscription-free alarm system along with home automation. Skylink offers a variety of starter kits from $99 to $199 that include a hub with keypad and a variety of wireless security sensors. Connect the hub to your wireless modem, download the app and follow the instructions for easy set-up of the hub and sensors.  [···]

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2017 TWICE VIP Award Nominations

2017 TWICE VIP Award Nominations: Outdoor Automation Devices

Skylink’s ATOMs Garage Door Opener is the first piece of garage hardware compatible with the IFTTT platform and integrated with Alexa Voice Service Technologies. The ATOMs Garage Door Opener boasts a sleek design that eliminates the need for cumbersome wiring, making for an easy install for the consumer. Employing an LCD Wall Console for ultimate convenience, users have no need to climb a ladder for programming.  [···]

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Theft Proof Garage Door Opener Hits the Market

The connected system implements a tamper-proof feature designed to safeguard the largest entry point of the home.
Studies show that home security is the No. 1 reasons homeowners are interested in smart home systems. The latest connected gadget is designed to safeguard a vulnerable entry point: the garage door. [···]

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MacDirectory’s Father’s Day Buyers Guide

Atoms Garage Door Opener by Skylink
The garage-a dad’s domain. It’s difficult to think of a Father’s Day gift more appropriate than a high-tech garage door opener. It might not sound exciting, but infusing some modern technology into an object that we interact with multiple times a day is a no-brainer. Skylink continues to expand its products for the smart home, and offers the fully connected Atoms Garage Door Opener in several power options to handle any size door. [···]

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Skylink Announces Tamper-Proof Garage Door Opener

Tamper Proof Garage Door Opener – Connected garage door opener implements a tamper-proof feature designed to safeguard the largest entry point of the home.

Toronto, Canada, June 6, 2017 ( – Skylink Group, a leading provider of connected home safety solutions, today announced the ATOMS Garage Door Opener’s latest patent-pending feature, a tamper-proof trolley designed to safeguard the home.  [···]

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