Connected Garage Door Opener

Connected garage door opener integrates directly with Alexa Voice Services

  • Utilizes Alexa Voice Service technology for maximum integration into the connected home
  • IFTTT function allows users to connect the garage door opener to other industry leading connected home accessories including Amazon Echo, Nest® Cam™, WeMo®, and Phillips Hue
  • Homeowners can run recipes for functions unrelated to smart devices, such as receiving immediate email notifications for any occurrences in the home
  • Features a built-in LED light for long lasting illumination without the need to replace the light bulb
  • Equipped with a back-up battery in case of a power outage [···]
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The Skylink ATOMS Garage Door Opener

The Skylink ATOMS Garage Door Opener, a Few Minutes of vi, and a Tour of Clover Configurator – Terminal Tinkering 4

In this episode of Terminal Tinkering, Jeff Butts shows you the Skylink ATOMS Garage Door Opener and how it can revolutionize your quality of life. Then he spends a few minutes teaching you the basics of the vi editor, rounding things off with a quick tour of Clover Configurator.  [···]

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8 Tech Gadgets Which Are Turning Our Houses into Smart Homes

Wireless Home Security System

A smart home security system will connect to your home Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control and monitor your security devices using an app installed on your smartphone.

There are basic systems that encompass several windows and door sensors, a motion detector, as well as a hub that communicates with these devices using at least one wireless protocol such as Wi-Fi. A more comprehensive smart home security system would include garage-door openers, door locks, lights, sirens, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, water sensors, smoke detectors, and more.  [···]

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Best Smart Home Security Starter Kit

SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit

The question of smart home security is of the minds of many and there is a wide range of different options available on the market. However, SkylinkNet has proven to be one of the best manufacturers of home security products. Available at a rather affordable price, their Alarm System starter kit is perfect for apartments, homes and startup businesses, allowing you to easily control your alarm from your smartphone through the Skylink Smartphone App. [···]

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SkyLinkNet SK-200 Review

SkyLinkNet SK-200 Review

SkyLinkNet’s SK-200 DIY starter kit is an easy way to make home security a reality for anyone who has a router, but its included 3-foot Ethernet cable makes placing it difficult. It also doesn’t have a connection backup, so you won’t know if something happens while your internet connection is down. [···]

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SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit (SK-200)

Home Security System: Close cottage down properly for the winter

Canadian-based Skylink Technologies has been in the DIY home automation business for almost 25 years. Its latest smart home security solution, the SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit (SK-200), makes it possible for homeowners to monitor their home from a smartphone without spending a bundle. [···]

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SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit Review

This affordable home security system is impressively easy to set up.

Home automation is becoming very popular, and no wonder — it offers many advantages, not least of which is security for you and your family. Unfortunately, the cost of some systems put them out of reach to many of us. Skylink is one of a few companies offering DIY home security and automation at an affordable price. We’ve gotten a chance to check out their SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit and a plug-in on/off control device to see for ourselves if you can get great home security at a lower price. [···]

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