Garage Door Safety and Maintenance Tips #2

Garage Door Opener Safety Reversal System Test

  1. Open the door fully, then place a one-inch thick 2×4 on the floor (laid flat) directly under the center of the garage door.
  2. Close the door by pressing the wall console or the transmitter, as the door strikes the wood, the door should automatically reverse. If the door stops on when it hits the board, that means the travel limit is not far enough.  [···]
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Garage Door Safety and Maintenance Tips #1

In the following weeks, we will be featuring some garage door safety and maintenance tips. We will start off this week with one of the most important safety features, the safety reversing sensor, also known as the photo eyes.

The safety reversing sensor is designed to prevent your garage door closing on any objects, which could cause severe damage. It is activated when the door is in the closing cycle. You should test the safety reversing sensor on a regular basis.  [···]

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Skylink Group Announces Line of Professional Garage Door Openers

Skylink Group, a leading provider of home solutions, today announced their latest brand, Atoms Pro™, aimed to provide dealers and installers with the highest quality products and service in the garage door industry.

Members of the Atoms Pro™ dealership program benefit from solid one piece rails for easy installation, interchangeable chain or belt drives for flexible inventory handling and a comprehensive program for professionals that provides them with a designated support hotline, on-site training, free showroom samples and spare parts, and an annual volume rebate. Read more…

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Thieves Use Automatic Garage Door Openers To Access Homes In Suffolk County

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Automatic garage door openers are a staple of suburban life, but police urge users to be careful about where they leave them.

Several reminders to prevent this from happening to you:

  • Lock your vehicles at all times
  • Lock your entry door from the garage to your house
  • Don’t leave your garage door opener in your vehicle, regardless where you park, cause thieves can always get the vehicle registration in your glovebox which has your address
  • Last but no least, consider a garage door opener that has passcode protection feature, so nobody can open your door except you, such as this one:

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