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Tech Gifts 2017 – Skylink ATOMS Garage Door Opener

The SkyLink Garage Door Opener is not only quiet, it’s also connected. The first to connect to Alexa, in fact! Control the garage door opener from anywhere in the world with your smart device or set up a Geo Fence to automatically close when you leave. You can even set up email notifications when anyone comes or goes. [···]

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Connected Garage Door Opener

Connected garage door opener integrates directly with Alexa Voice Services

  • Utilizes Alexa Voice Service technology for maximum integration into the connected home
  • IFTTT function allows users to connect the garage door opener to other industry leading connected home accessories including Amazon Echo, Nest® Cam™, WeMo®, and Phillips Hue
  • Homeowners can run recipes for functions unrelated to smart devices, such as receiving immediate email notifications for any occurrences in the home
  • Features a built-in LED light for long lasting illumination without the need to replace the light bulb
  • Equipped with a back-up battery in case of a power outage [···]
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Win Amazing Smart Home Gifts

Win amazing smart home gifts in week 7 of AndroidGuys Ten for Ten Giveaway

On November 5, 2007, the world changed. Google led a group of 34 companies to establish the Open Handset Alliance, and with it came the launch of the Android Operating System. Since that very day, we here at AndroidGuys have been fans. We love Android for its ability to connect, inform, and inspire people throughout the entire world.  [···]

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The Skylink ATOMS Garage Door Opener

The Skylink ATOMS Garage Door Opener, a Few Minutes of vi, and a Tour of Clover Configurator – Terminal Tinkering 4

In this episode of Terminal Tinkering, Jeff Butts shows you the Skylink ATOMS Garage Door Opener and how it can revolutionize your quality of life. Then he spends a few minutes teaching you the basics of the vi editor, rounding things off with a quick tour of Clover Configurator.  [···]

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ATOMS Garage Door Opener Named TWICE VIP Award Winner

Skylink Group’s ATOMS Garage Door Opener Named TWICE VIP Award Winner

Skylink Group, a leading provider of connected home safety solutions, won the 2017 TWICE VIP Award in the outdoor automation devices category for the ATOMS Garage Door Opener, a connected garage door opener that integrates directly with Alexa Voice Services.  [···]

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