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  Automatic Swing Door Opener

Open or close any swinging door automatically with the press of a button. The Swing Door Opener turns any inward or outward swinging, left or right handed door into an automated door, and it is also available with an electric strike for security or privacy. It has three operational modes and in the event of a power failure the door will still be able to operate manually.







Physically Impaired

Ideal for those in wheelchairs- just press the button on the remote control to open the door. Enables you to easily travel through doors at home or at the workplace without having to turn the door knob.
Restricted Mobility

Pick from the wireless remote, the wall mount push button or the motion sensor to open the door for those with restricted mobility.
Sanitary Purpose

Perfect for public washroom doors. Avoid touching the door or door knob along with the potential germs attached. This opener will automatically open the door for your customers. Excellent for the public washrooms in restaurants, hotels, malls, offices, warehouses, etc.
Convenience / Office

Ideal for interior doors in the office. When your arms are full, simply press the button to open the door, or allow the motion sensor to open it for you.
Convenience / Home

Brings the Smart-Home Dream into reality. Press a button on the transmitter to open your door. Program the other button to the garage door so that you can control both the garage door and the swing door with one remote control.




  Swing Door Opener  


    OtodorTM Swing Door Opener

The Otodor Swing Door Opener is an ideal application in Senior Homes, Health Care Centres, Public Restaurant Restrooms, Office Restrooms, etc.

The Automatic Swing Door Openers are available in three different models, which differ by the type of lock.  It can be installed on any kind of left or right handed swinging door. 





  Keyless Entry Options
Keyless Entry is possible. You can open the door three different ways:


  Keychain Remote Control   Keypad Transmitter    Motion Sensor   
  You can open the door with the single press of a button.   Open the door with a passcode. The Wireless Keypad Transmitter is easy to install and very handy if you have a tendency to forget your keys.   When you approach the door, the motion sensor detects the movement and activates the swing door opener causing the door to open.  




  4 Types of Swing Door
The Otodor Swing Door Opener is compatible for all swing door directions:


  In-Swing left   In-Swing Right   Out-Swing Left   Out-Swing Right   




  Operation Modes
Choose from three different operational modes:


Open/Close Mode:
In Open/Close mode, assign one button to open the door and another button to close the door.
Toggle Mode:
In Toggle mode, you'll enjoy the simple button operation. There is only one button which is programmed to open and close the door.
  Timer Mode:
When in Timer Mode, once the door has been opened, it will automatically close after a preset amount of time. 




Hit and Stop

A safety feature is built-in to each door opener. When an obstacle is detected during the operation of the opener, it will stop the opening or closing cycle immediately, until the opener is activated again and the obstacle is cleared out of the way.




  Audio Warning
Auto Learn
DIY - Easy Install
Built-in audio alert provides users with a beeping sound when the opener is operating, to alert everyone nearby the door to avoid making physical contact with the moving door.

The Swing Door Opener will automatically learn how much force is needed to open and close the door and will memorize this force setting.

The Otodor Swing Door Opener DM-50 and DM-100 can be installed by yourself using simple tools. The Instruction Manual will direct you step-by-step on how to install your Swing Door Opener.

**DM-150 requires a professional installer to install the electric strike.




  Door Lock  
  Electromagnetic Lock   Electric Door Strike  
  The electromagnetic lock will prevent the door from opening without the remote. The electromagnet attaches to the doorframe and the plate attaches to the door. When placed together, they hold strongly in place, until the system triggers it to release. A current passing through the electromagnetic lock attracts the plate to hold the door shut.   This electric door strike turns any inward-or-outward swinging left- or right-handed door into an automated door. It provides high security and privacy. Both locks are fail-safe, meaning that the swing door opener can be operated manually in case of power failure.           




The Swing Door Opener is compatible with the AAA+ Wireless Alarm System and Wireless Home Control System
  AAA+ Wireless Alarm System

The Skylink AAA+ Wireless Alarm System is an easy to use wireless home intelligent centre designed for the household. You can program the swing door with the AAA+, so that you can open and close your door remotely or from the control panel.
  Wireless Home Control System

The Swing Door Opener can be used with the Wireless HomeControl Transmitter or together with additional accessories.





The Otodor Swing Door Opener Kits come complete with everything you will need for installation. From manuals to mounting brackets, the kits are complete and there are no additional parts or pieces necessary. Depending on the model you get, the kit includes all the mounting hardware, the motor, a 4-button keychain remote, an Electromagnetic Lock (DM100 Only)/Electric Strike (DM150 Only).

DM-50 Series
Otodor Swing Door Opener
  DM-100/150 Series
Otodor Swing Door Opener
  The Swing Door Opener system is simple to install. Enables you to add on different kinds of transmitters to suit your own personal needs.

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  The DM-100/DM-150 provides a sense of privacy and security. There are two different locks to choose from, depending on how secure you want the premises to be. Add on additional transmitters to suit your own personal needs.

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